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How to request an API key for the Pagespeed tab

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Because of the limitation of the Google Pagespeed API(max 250 requests each day), I’ve decided to let the user use their own API key to each request is done by using that key. So no limitation for the app itself.

Requesting an API key is very simple and doesn’t cost you any dime! Just follow these steps:

Step 1: get a valid Google account.

I assume, when you’re using Analytix, you are using an Google Account. This is required for getting an API key for Google Pagespeed.

Step 2: visit the API console.

Please log in with your Google account if you’re not logged in already. The url of the API conolse is:

Step 3: Enter the API console.

Don’t be scared, nothing is happening, this is the control room for available API you can use.

Step 4: activate the Page Speed Online API.

Go to the Project Home tab and activate the Page Speed Online API. After switching this API on, please agree tp the Terms of Service. After you’ve agreed to the Terms of Service you are redirected to the services panel where the Page Speed API is switched on(green).

Step 5: Get the API key

To get the API key to use in Analytix, go to “API Access”. You can find this link at the left side, otherwise, follow this url:

At theĀ  bottom of the screen you’ll find your API key. The best way to use it in Analytix is copy/paste this key and mail it to your account on the phone. From there you can easily copy/paste it in the preference screen. The key from the screen at the left is a different key, this is an example. Just use your generated key.

Now, you are ready to rock ‘n roll!

Ps. the keys from this page are not valid!



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