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Analytix will let you enjoy Google Analytics data




Analytix is offering a widget now. The widget takes a 3*1 grid. I’ve tried to merge the data in al 2*1 grid but some sites really have impressive numbers to show! The widgets shows some really useful stuff and houses lots of customization.
If you add the widget to the homescreen you’ll first see a preference screen:
Here you can choose from:

  1. One of your favorite profiles. The widget is directly linked to Analytix itself and cannot be used without. In Analytix you can define favorite profiles from your profile list. Accounts > Profiles > long press an item in the list > Add to favorites
  2. For the widget, you can pick one of these profiles.
  3. Pick a refresh rate, how often should the widget contact Google Analytics to get the latest data(1 hour to 24 hour).
  4. Pick a theme,choose from solid color, semi transparent or full transparent
  5. choose three metrics

You’re done,press the back button and the widget will appear on your homescreen!

As told before, the widget show lots of information.

On top you’ll see the profilename, below the latest update time. This is the date and time when the latest update succeeded. It might happen you didn’t have any connection. So instead of draining your battery and keep trying to connect. The attempt is over and you have to wait for the next update.

Then you’ll see you selected metrics with two numbers. The first number is the metric from yesterday, the second is the metric from today. This is done for fast comparing. If the metric of today is higher or equal then yesterday’s, the colored dot in front of the metric will turn blue, otherwise it’s red.

Bottom right you’ll see the update time. 1h means, this widget is updated every hour.

I hope you’ll enjoy the widget,please let me know!

The widget was causing some forced closes. The service for the widget wasn’t properly shut down, so, when a new version was installed, the running service was forced to stop and a force close was the result. This should be resolved by now.


  1. Hi!

    I bought your app. However i have a problem.
    I want to add 2 google analytics account.

    When i go “My Accounts”, it then appears only one account. How can i add another account ?


    • Currently that’s not an option. It’s an often requested feature so I’ll implement it in the near future.

  2. Couple questions….

    I’ve got it on update every 15mins, but it never updates. It’s been over an hour and still shows last update was 1hr ago.

    Any way to get adwords data in matrix?

    • Jim, the refresh rate of the widget is a known issue and I’m planning to solve this one as soon as possible. It seems the update service is causing the issue. The new widget will have an update button on the widget itself, so the user can just click this button to refresh the data.
      Right now, a new version is almost done. The focus for this version was using Google Account Manager for authentication because some users were not able to authenticate the app using the current authentication method(OAuth). This involved some serious re-programming of the authentication flow. But it’s almost done and users are now allowed to use multiple Gmail accounts, which was request no 1.
      After this release, I will focus on the widget again.

      My apologies for the widget, this issue will be solved absolutely!
      I tried to mail you, but the mail was bounced.

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